Pokemon GO Farfetch’d is Now Available Worldwide

Pokemon GO: Farfetch’d is Now Available Worldwide

Pokemon GO: Farfetch’d is Now Available Worldwide

When Niantic launched the Global Catch Challenge in Pokemon GO a few days ago, it looked like fans weren’t going to meet their goal of catching 3 billion Pokemon by November 26th. However, the Pokemon GO community rallied together, capturing 3 billion Pokemon, and unlocking gold tier rewards in the process.

As part of the gold tier rewards, players worldwide have 48 hours to catch Farfetch’d, who was previously exclusive to East Asia. Pokemon GO fans in Asia will have 48 hours to catch Kangaskhan, who previously only appeared in Australia.

The gold tier rewards stack on top of the bronze and silver tier rewards, meaning Pokemon GO players are currently enjoying double XP, double stardust, and six-hour lure modules as well as the addition of new Pokemon. This should make hunting for Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan more rewarding and should ensure that players don’t feel like their wasting their time, even if it takes awhile to find the region-exclusive Pokemon out in the wild.
The Global Catch Challenge is clearly an attempt by Niantic to reinvigorate interest in the popular mobile game. While Pokemon GO has maintained a legion of dedicated players, many have given up on the title for one reason or another. Some have stopped playing due to colder weather, whereas others have grown tired of the lack of substantial content updates and the broken raid systems.

If some of these lapsed players can be convinced to rejoin Pokemon GO to catch Farfetch’d or Kangaskhan, perhaps they will start making the game part of their daily routine again. If these returning players hang on for at least a couple of weeks, they should be around for the introduction of third generation Pokemon as well, which may see them stick with the game on a long-term basis.

Regardless, Pokemon GO fans that participated in the Global Catch Challenge can now reap their rewards. Anyone having trouble finding Farfetch’d out in the wild should be sure to put those six-hour lure modules to good use, as they could very well lead one of the elusive creatures their way.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.